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Our Services


Timberville offers Construction/Project Management & Design Services. We act as the owner's advisor and representative, managing all aspects of the construction project. We work closely with a tight knit and trusted group of architects, engineers, designers and Ottawa's top skilled trades to coordinate a seamless project. Our objective is to achieve timely completion and to stay within your pre-determined budget. We work with the owners to take a project from the conceptual stage through design and final occupancy. 


Timberville Design Partners

Before starting any custom home project, Timberville recommends consulting with an interior designer for their valuable input and expertise. Timberville will connect you with a designing firm in Ottawa who will suit your style and preferences and most of all your budget.

Timberville Financing Partners

A construction loan can be used to cover the costs of building a new home or renovating an existing home. Understanding the basics of how a construction home loan works can help you plan and make the best financing decision for your project.  Timberville will connect you with a mortgage broker to meet your specific needs and help you understand your best options.


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